Affordable Design For Everyone

Affordable Design For Everyone

• Print Work & Digital Imaging Always $35 an Hour!

• Websites Starting At $500!

After ten years of designing print materials, and more recently websites for small businesses, I have come to realize what a struggle it can be for those businesses to compete with large multi-national corporations in their market.

At one time there was a more level playing field for small businesses.  They still had competition, but they were competing with other local businesses.  As the world changed, many small businesses found themselves competing with large chains that had the marketing muscle and budgets to get their message heard with professionally designed ads and branding.  Many businesses found that the marketing materials that they were using just didn't look as good as their new competition.  Then as the internet began to grow, there was a whole new set of problems for the small business.  All of the sudden they had to worry about maintaining an attractive website, hosting a Facebook page, and maintaining a Twitter feed.

 How does a small business owner, who is busy running his business, possibly manage to produce all of these marketing items?  Do you contract an advertising agency to manage all of this?  Do you hire another employee to do this?  Why isn't there a service that you can use that will do these things for you... only when you need them?

That's where the idea for 60pt Design came from.  It was time for a service that could supply small businesses with quality print materials, custom signage, digital imaging for social media, and websites that are beautiful and match the voice of the business - All At A Reasonable Price!


Contact me today to see how I can help your small business compete with the big boys without breaking the bank!



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Affordable Design For Everyone